Nigeria – Application to register the trademark: EVELATUS

Trademark Class: 9
Application or Filing Number: F/TM/O/2019/144513
Applicant Name or Trademark Owner Information: EVELATUS SIA
Attorney Name or Law Firm: Curtis Legal Practitioners and Arbitrators
Class Specification of Goods or Services Description: Telecommunications and information technology equipment, components, supplies and systems, namely, pagers, telephones, telephone switches, coaxial and fiber optic cables and adapters, computers, microcomputers, monitors, computer display units, speakers, microphones, computer storage media, computer memory, computer peripherals and modems; televisions and television peripheral equipment, namely, cameras, set boxes, remote control units for interactive and non-interactive use; computer programs, namely, financial accounting system software, software used for detecting and preventing fraud, software used for the provision of online information services, network management software, computer proxy software for use with other software programs, alarm monitoring software, billing analysis software, software for use in multimedia applications, and software for network access control, creating and maintaining firewalls, for use in telecommunications, business, finance, entertainment and electronic commerce; computer programs for accessing a global computer network or interactive computer communications network; machine-readable, magnetically encoded cards, including, telephone calling cards and credit cards; audio and video recordings in the field of telecommunications, information technology, safety, news, sports, entertainment, culture, business and finance, weather and travel.

Trademark Application Filing Date: 2019-02-21

Trademark History:

  • 2019-03-26: This trademark application has been accepted in Nigeria.
  • 2019-02-21: This trademark application has been filed in Nigeria.

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