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December 30, 2015 — To close out our publications for the year, we have provided summaries of some of our most popular articles from 2015.  Thank you for subscribing to NLIPW and we look forward to sharing more information with you in 2016!

1. NLIPW Launches Online Brand Database for Trademarks and Service Marks in Nigeria

At the beginning of the year, we announced the launch of our Database for Trademarks and Service marks filed in Nigeria. The Database was created to give users the opportunity to perform preliminary searches for similar or identical marks. The Database continues to be updated on a regular basis.

2. New Tariffs in Nigeria for Product Registration with NAFDAC

In January, we reported that the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) began the implementation of its scheduled increase in fees for registering food and drug products in Nigeria. Specifically, we looked at the increase as it affects bulk pesticides, animal feed, agrochemicals, pet food, premixes, feed additives and feed concentrates, comparing the fees with the registration costs from the previous year.

3. New Registrar Appointed and Trademark Journals Published by the Registry in Nigeria

2015 was a really good year for the Trademark Registry especially in terms of publication of marks in Trademark Journals. In February, we reported that the Registry had published a Trademark Journal — Online Trademarks Journal Vol. 2. No. 2 of February 2, 2015.  In May, we also reported that a new Registrar of Trademarks was appointed, Mr. Olusegun Adeyemi, replacing Mrs. Nima Salman Musa. We also announced the publication of two editions of the Industrial Property Automated System (IPAS) Journals — No. 1 Vol. 1 and No. 2 Vol. 1.

4. Five Interesting Trademark Application Filed in Nigeria

In February, we looked at five interesting trademark applications filed in Nigeria. Our focus was to look at marks that often become topics of discussions or hint at interesting future products.

5. Trademark Registration Update: Nigeria’s Registry Allows for Online Application for Certificates

In May, we reported that the Trademark Registry in Nigeria introduced a more convenient way for agents to apply for trademark certificates. The Registry introduced online trademark certificates for marks filed using its online portal.

6. Five Popular Brands in Nigeria and What Your Business Could Learn From Them

In April, we took a close look at five popular brands that have thrived in the Nigerian Market and some of the steps the companies associated with those brands have taken to promote their brands and ensure protection from counterfeiters.

7. Public Notice: Review of the Copyright Act CAP C28 LFN 2004

In November, the Nigerian Copyright Commission released a statement through a Press Release inviting members of the public to take part in the copyright reform process and review the draft Copyright Bill. Members of the public were encouraged to provide feedback about the Bill. The deadline for comments is fast approaching — January 5, 2016.

8. 2015 International IP Index: Nigeria Ranked 25 Out of 30

When the 2015 International IP Index was released by the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) in February, the report showed that Nigeria’s overall score was for the second time in a row 9.8 out of 30, placing the country 25th out of the 30 countries assessed.  The report mapped the IP environment of 30 countries around the world using 30 indicators.

9. Protecting Board Games in Nigeria

In October, we examined how intellectual property offers protection for board games. We looked at copyright, trademarks and patent protection available to creator of board games.

10. Preparing to Franchise in Nigeria – Contents of Typical Franchise Disclosure Documents

Through this article, we provided a breakdown of some of the contents of a typical Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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