COSON Just Made It Easier to Get Music Licenses Online


November 17, 2016 —  The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) recently launched CLAP’, Nigeria’s first online licensing platform. CLAP, which stand for COSON Licensing Application Platform, seeks to make it easy for users of music in Nigeria to obtain copyright licenses to play music at businesses and facilities.

Speaking during the launch, the Chairman of COSON, Chief Tony Okoroji stated that following COSON’s approval as a Collective Management Organization (CMO) six years ago, it had made a public commitment to be constantly innovative and to do all in its power to become the leading CMO in Africa.

‘”Everyone in Nigeria can bear witness to the fact that at COSON there have been relentless efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of musicians and investors in the music industry in Nigeria and ensure that music industry stakeholders earn commensurate income from the enjoyment and exploitation by different individuals and organizations of their musical works and sound recordings. More than any other organization in Nigeria’s history, COSON has repeatedly gone to court to protect the interest of its members, assignors and affiliates,” he said.

Chief Okoroji further stated that as the Nigerian economy faces severe challenges and the need to diversify the economy becomes glaring, it urgent for Nigerians to understand that they can no longer afford to put to waste the products of the creative ingenuity of the people. According to him, the knowledge and digital economy is here with the Nigerian people and that the pillar of this new economy is the respect for intellectual property rights.

 ‘‘The respect for intellectual property rights ensures that those of our citizens who are employed in our creative industries earn good income, pay adequate taxes, provide employment to millions of our citizens, export their products to other lands, generate goodwill for our nation and ensure that our economy is booming…Thousands of Nigerian businesses are aware of the value of music. Without the support of music, their operations will not run smoothly and there will be little or no profit. Music is therefore a critical ingredient in driving the success of these businesses. As we launch CLAP today, our objective is to make it easy and stress free for users of music in Nigeria to get the copyright license they require to legally play music in their business environments and facilities. Without leaving the comfort of your business, you can log on to and obtain a copyright licence that allows you to deploy music in your business without exposing you to the dangers of copyright infringement in just 6 simple steps’’.

The Chairman encouraged businesses in Nigeria particularly hotels, restaurants, clubs, event centers, organizers of road shows, salons, barber shops, organizers of exhibitions and trade fairs, fitness centers and gyms, malls, shops, retail outlets, offices, transporters to take advantage of CLAP.

Source: COSON

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