Development of Copyright in Nigeria

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NLIPW Copyright Law Volume 1 Number 1


(Development of Copyright in Nigeria)

March 21, 2013

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Limits of Copyright Protection in Contemporary Nigeria: Re-examining the Nigerian Copyright Act in Today’s Digital and Computer Age by Heman Philip Faga and Ole Ngozi

This paper examines the provisions of the Nigerian Copyright Act and identifies the inadequacies which account for the inability of the Act to provide adequate protection for digital inventions in the country. Specifically, it looks at the provisions that touch on the rights of innovators of digital technology. This article also draws attention to some of the technological shortcomings which have made it possible for infringers of digital inventions to take advantage of inventions created by others. The article recommends extra-legal measures for fighting piracy and copyright infringement including administrative, social, judicial and technological measures. Read more

Contemporary Concerns and Development on Copyright Law and Practice in Nigeria by A.O. Alubo

This research was in response to concerns expressed by some actors/actresses in Nigeria on the consistent viewing of Nigerian home videos in luxury buses by transport owners and the need to ensure protection for their talents and rights. The study is divided into several parts: the evolution of copyright law, the definition and nature of copyright, an overview of the developments in Nigerian copyright matters especially between 1996 & 1997 and an overall assessment of the Copyright regime in Nigeria. Read more

Intellectual Property Protection in Nigeria: The Position of the Law on Copyright Infringement and Protection by Olusola Adun

This paper is part of a series aimed at outlining some of the intellectual property laws that are applicable in Nigeria. The paper adopts a question and answer format and answers questions that include the requirements for eligibility for copyright protection in Nigeria, what rights are conferred by copyright protection and who can claim copyright protection. Read more

Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Development Policy in a Developing Country: Options for Sub-Saharan African Countries by Professor E.S. Nwauche, presented in a Copyright Workshop at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair

This paper argues that a development oriented strong copyright protection is fundamental to the economic and technological advancement of Sub Saharan African countries and synthesizes such a policy. Read more

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