Collective Societies in Nigeria

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NLIPW Copyright Law Volume 1 Number 5


(Collective Societies in Nigeria)

June 5, 2013

Content Sources

  1. International Bar Association Newsletter
  2. University of South Africa
  3. Blackfriars Barristers and Solicitors Website
  4. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Collecting Societies in Nigeria: The Law and Regulation by Ehijeagbon O Oserogho, International Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee, International Bar Association Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1, Pg. 8, September 2008

This paper examines the licensing and regulation of collecting societies in Nigeria. It explores case laws on collective societies and looks at the criminal liability for non-licensed collecting societies.

The paper concludes that the essence of collecting societies is to protect the rights of the owners of copyright and calls for harmonized cooperation between regulators in Nigeria and the various associations that lay claim to copyright protection. Read more

Operation and Regulation of Copyright Collective Administration in Nigeria: Important Lessons for Africa by Ola Olukunle Rotimi, University of South Africa, May 2012

This paper traces the evolution of Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) in Nigeria. The paper looks at the history of the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria, the Performing and Mechanical Rights Society of Nigeria, the Copyright Society of Nigeria and the Reproduction Right Society of Nigeria. The paper also examines the legal framework and challenges of CMOs in Nigeria.

The paper concludes that the role of the judiciary in establishing a balanced supervisory and regulatory framework should not be underestimated and calls for the continuous training of judges in order to ensure that judges with cognate experience and knowledge are placed to adjudicate over copyright issues. This paper recommends caution in the adoption of Western models and calls for the adoption of strategies that can interface with the Western culture but are at the same time be representative of Nigeria’s intrinsic nature and values. Read more

Anarchy in the World of Collecting Societies in Nigeria: Implications for Copyright Protection of Foreign and Local Musical Works by Blackfriars Barristers and Solicitors: Part 1 January 2009 and Part 2, February 2009

This two part article highlights some of the legal provisions and the regulatory framework applicable to collective societies in Nigeria. It examines the role collective societies play in obtaining licenses but draws attention to the fact that the world of musical collective societies in Nigeria has been in litigation for many years. The article briefly highlights two Federal High Court decisions involving the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria Read Part 1 and Part 2

Copyright Collective Administration in Nigeria: Lessons for Africa by Ola Olukunle, eBook 2013

This work examines the operation and regulation of copyright collective management in Nigeria. The nexus between creativity and copyright and how creativity has played a pivotal role in development is explained. The need to balance the interests of authors and users is discussed and the societies representing the interest of copyright owners are illustrated. Further, Nigeria’s legal framework for collective management is enunciated from a pre-independence and post-independence perspective. The work also highlights some of the regulatory challenges encountered in the administration of collective management organizations, steps taken to address the problems, legislative reforms and judicial decisions. The author also makes recommendations. Read more

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