China News | Chanel Loses Double “C” Trademark Infringement Case

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Chanel has lost a trademark infringement case it brought against a Chinese jewelry store accused of selling goods brandishing a logo similar to the Chanel double “C” logo.

In it’s ruling, the Chinese court held that the jewelry shop owner did not infringe Chanel’s trademark rights for a number of reasons.  According to the court, the double “C” that formed the shape of the pieces of jewelry sold at the jewelry shop did not act as a trademark.  Additionally, the court determined that there was not “evidence of any circumstances to indicate that Ye … was, in any way, misleading consumers” about the source of the products, nor was there any evidence that “ordinary consumers with a general level of understanding would deem that they were purchasing Chanel products.” .

Ye Meng Zong v. Chanel Co., Ltd. (Appeal)

Guangzhou IP Court
Civil Judgement No.:1530 [2018]
Date of 2nd Trial:December 27, 2018
Nature of SuitTrademark
CauseTrademark Infringement
Trademark in Dispute:Registration No. G1189929 in Class 14
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