China News | Celanese Sues Chinese Rival over Patent Infringement


Celanese, a global chemical company has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese manufacturer of high-potency sweeteners, Anhui Jinhe Industrial alleging patent infringement.

Celanese alleges that the defendant unlawfully manufactures and sale its acesulfame potassium sweetener which infringes Celanese’s Chinese patent with Chinese number 10,441,1693,B.

The plaintiff reportedly said that Celanese’s Chinese patent is meant to improve the processes for the production of Celanese’s acesulfame potassium sweetener, Sunett.

According to the lawsuit, Celanese reportedly said that Sunett is 200-times sweeter than sugar, zero-calorie and dental-friendly and the patent has substantial technology advantages that is exclusive to the company.  

The Senior Vice President of engineered materials at Celanese reportedly said that “as the inventor and only western producer of Sunett, Celanese has developed a series of best practices to deliver one of the industry’s highest quality artificial sweeteners, ensuring product purity, supply reliability and product accountability”.

Kelly reportedly said that the company is committed to guide jealously its patented technology against unlawful and unauthorized manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, or use of proprietary technologies in the US, Europe, China and globally.

The case is still ongoing.

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