China Launches Copyright Monitoring Website

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China recently launched a website dedicated to monitoring copyright.

The website,, is managed by the Copyright Monitoring Center under the Copyright Society of China, providing identification, security monitoring, early warning and rights infringement solution services for registering copyright owners.

China Daily reports that the website applies big data technology similar to fingerprint analysis, enabling it to quickly identify dubious content.

“It monitors various online terminals including PCs, mobile phone apps, smart TVs and live streaming platforms around the clock and has a professional team dealing with rights infringement offline.”

The website utilizes technology that allows dubious content to be quickly identified. Online terminals such as PCs, mobile APPs, live streaming platforms and smart TVs can be monitored around the clock, while an offline team works on rights infringements.
According to the Copyright Monitoring Center, the website is expected to serve copyright owners while also providing technological support for Chinese authorities’ campaigns against online privacy.
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