Challenges of Transnational Law Practice - Intellectual Property Law Curricular Approach
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Author: Professor Adebambo Anthony Adewopo

Published: May 26-29, 2004

Excerpt: The challenges facing transnational law practice are many; ranging from globalisation, divergence in legal, judicial and political norms and systems, language, legal education and orientation, it has become clear that these challenges must be addressed within the axis of legal education more than on any other platform. There is no doubt that there is a compelling necessity to revisit the system of legal education in the face of the emerging trends in transnational law practice. Current trends in transnational practice with the continued impact of information technology and globalisation process has evidently reflected in the need for reconsidering the role of legal education in international practice. A nationalistic or paternalistic approach, where law curriculum are exclusively fashioned to suit the domestic legal, judicial and political system is becoming anachronistic and can no longer be sustained. There are connecting factors which makes law practice increasingly interconnected now than ever before

Presentation: AALS Conference on Educating Lawyers for Transnational Challenges, Hawaii, USA

Related Regions and Countries: Nigeria

Number of Pages: 5

Keywords:  Intellectual Property, Law, Transnational Law Practice

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