Cargill adds Smart Label to Cooking Oil to Fight Counterfeiting in India

gemini cooking oil

Cargill Foods India, a leading FMCG company, has added a smart label to tins of its Gemini brand cooking oil in India providing consumers additional protection from counterfeit goods.

Securing Industry reports that the label consists of a 3-D hologram which when viewed under a smartphone’s torch light reveals ‘1865’ the year of foundation of Cargill Foods India’s operations. Consumers can also download an app called Mojo Tags, use it to scan the batch number and confirm if it corresponds to numbers used on Cargill’s genuine product. The app will also allow Cargill to geo-locate where counterfeit oil products are scanned, which could help it work with enforcement agencies to find and take down counterfeit producers.

Speaking about the smart label, Neelima Burra, Chief Marketing Officer, Cargill Foods India stated:

“Counterfeiting in India is rising at an alarming rate, especially in the FMCG sector. A report by FICCI-KPMG suggests that out of the total counterfeit market, 65% is from this sector. Edible oil industry is one of the most unorganized sector in terms of distribution in India, hence, it holds a larger risk of duplicity. Therefore, ensuring that the right product reaches the consumer becomes utmost important. Purchasing a fake product brings loss to the business as well as may be a potential health hazard for the consumer. Counterfeiting is something Cargill Foods India takes very seriously as a fake product implies losing consumers’ trust. Educating the consumers and our wholesalers is a must to beat this menace. With Gemini Cooking Oil, we start our first step towards addressing this major issue of counterfeit goods.”

Although Gemini oil is the first of Cargill’s food brands to get the new smart label, the company intends to roll it out to other products, including Nature Fresh and Leonardo cooking oils.

“This is the first time an edible oil brand in the country is making use of technology to fight the problem of counterfeiting,” the company stated.


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