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[S.1. 8 of 1996.]

under sections 5 and 29

[2nd January, 1996]

[Commencement. ]

Arrangement of Sections

  1. Labelling of bottled water
  2. Name
  3. Net content of pre-packaged bottled water
  4. Name and address of manufacturer
  5. Country of manufacturer
  6. Information on labels
  7. Date marking instructions
  8. Batch number
  9. Specific information
  10. Trade mark
  11. Language
  12. Particulars on physical condition of bottled water and specific treatment
  13. Instructions for use
  14. Misleading information on label
  15. Grade designation
  16. Penalty
  17. Interpretation
  18. Citation


[S.1. 8 of 1996.]

under sections 5 and 29

[2nd January, 1996]

[Commencement. ]

1.Labelling of bottled water

(1) No person shall under these Regulations sell bottled water unless a label has been affixed to it.

(2) Such label shall not describe or present bottled water-

(a) in a manner that is false, misleading or deceptive or is likely to create erroneous impression regarding the character, quality, quantity and origin of a bottled water;

(b) by words, pictorial or other means as to refer to any other product or to suggest either directly or indirectly, that the bottled water is connected with such other product.


(1) Every bottled water shall have a name and such name shall indicate the accurate nature of the content of the bottled water.

(2) Where a name has been established for a bottled water in these Regulations, such a name only shall be used.

(3) Where no common name for a bottled water exists, an appropriate descriptive name shall be used.

(4) A coined or fanciful name may be used provided the name is not misleading and is accompanied by an appropriate descriptive term.

3.Net content of pre-packaged bottled water

(1) Every average net content of pre-packaged bottled water shall be declared in a metric system of measurement.

(2) The declaration required to be made under sub-paragraph (1) of this regulations shall be made, in the case of a bottled water, in volume.

4.Name and address of manufacturer

The name and location address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, importer or vendor of a bottled water shall be declared on the label of every bottled water.

5. Country of manufacturer

The country of manufacture of a bottled water shall be declared on every bottled water.

6.Information on labels

(1) All statements on the label of every bottled water shall be clear, prominent and legible to a consumer and shall have a contrasting colour to that of the background.

(2) No information shall be obscured by design or by other written, printed or graphic matter.

(3) No person shall remove, add to, alter, deface or render illegible any statement upon a label printed on or attached to a wrapper or container of a bottled water in pursuance of these Regulations.

(4) Every label shall be firm and not easily detachable or defaceable.

7.Date marking instructions

(1) The date of minimum durability of every bottled water shall be specified and legibly displayed and shall be preceded by the words “best before“, “use by” or “expiry” as required for the product by the Agency.

(2) Unless otherwise specified in any commodity regulations, the following shall apply for bottled water-

(a) the day, month and the year of expiry shall be stated in an uncoded chronological order;

(b) the date of manufacture, where applicable, shall be stated on the bottled water.

8. Batch number

The batch numbering shall be indicated on all bottled water.

9.Specific information

Every label of bottled water shall bear the information required by paragraphs 4,5,6, 7, 8 and 9 of these Regulations.

10.Trade mark

The trade mark (if any) shall be displayed on all bottled water and such trade mark shall not give a wrong impression of the nature, quality or substance of the bottled water.


All declarations required to be made under paragraphs 4 and 5 of these Regulations shall be in English.

12.Particulars on physical condition of bottled water and specific treatment

Any special treatment which a bottled water has undergone, shall be indicated in all cases where omission of such information may create confusion in the mind of the consumer.

13.Instructions for use

The directions for use, including reconstitution where applicable, shall be included on the label to ensure correct utilisation of such bottled water.

14.Misleading information on label

Any information required to be displayed on a label of a bottled water which is misleading in any way shall constitute an offence under these Regulations.

15.Grade designation

Any grade designation used on a bottled water shall be readily understandable and shall not be misleading or deceptive in any way.


If any person contravenes the requirements of these Regulations, the Agency may prohibit that person from carrying on the importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, sale or use of the bottled water either absolutely or for such period of time as the Agency may declare, in addition to the payment of a fine of N50,000.


For the purposes these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires-

bottled water” means any form of processed water packaged for drinking purposes enclosed in any container;

label” includes any writing, printed or graphic matter relating to and accompanying the bottled water or a package of it.


These Regulations may be cited as the Bottled Water (Labelling) Regulations.



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