Apple Gets Chinese Court Favor In Patent Dispute

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A Beijing court has overturned a ruling that Apple’s iPhone 6 violated a Chinese manufacturer’s patent which saw the Apple ordered to cease selling the smartphone in Beijing.

According to People’s Court Daily, the court ruled in favor of Apple in design patent disputes with a domestic phone-maker, overturning a ban on selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in China. The Intellectual Property Court in Beijing quashed the decision of IP bureau stating that Apple hasn’t infringed the design patent held by Shenzhen Baili.

The regulators were subsequently sued by Apple and Zoomflight and after a long battle, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court finally removed the ban this week after the court’s ruling that there had been no patent infringement.

The court stated that the iPhone 6 has features that “completely change the effect of the entire product, and both phones are easily distinguishable in the eyes of consumers”. The ban was the result of a complaint from Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services which claimed that these handsets infringed on the company’s design patents.

The Beijing Intellectual Property Court yesterday ruled to maintain the board’s decision.

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