Nigerian Law Intellectual Property Watch (NLIPW) is currently working to digitize reports of counterfeiting and piracy within Nigeria (not only at the borders) through an online Incident Database. The Anti-counterfeiting and Piracy Incident Research Database captures information about counterfeiting and piracy suspects (including age and gender), victims, locations, arrests, seizures, estimated value of products, destruction exercises, product types, and the government agencies conducting operations in each incident.  The incident database provides an opportunity for continued empirical investigation into the problem of product counterfeiting as well as piracy in Nigeria.

*Generalizing from the database has limitations because the incident database only captures incidents that have somehow come to the public’s attention through media publications. Nevertheless, the incident database serves as a rich, empirical foundation where none yet exists and captures information about cases that are arguably the most important and for which concerted intervention is needed in Nigeria.

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