I. Trademarks, Patents and Design Registration Services

Interested in registering trademarks in any of the countries or areas below, email trademarks@nlipw.com.

GCC Countries –(Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE) OAPI and ARIPO

Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registration, Renewal and Opposition

The NLIPW team works with law firms in a number of countries to file trademark and service mark applications – including in Nigeria, China, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, U.S., and UK. We also offer IP services covering OAPI and ARIPO member countries. Through our network of lawyers, we also assist clients with other intellectual property filing services including patents and design registration; trademark protection, renewal and opposition; and assignment or recordal of change of name and address.

Clearance Search and Legal Opinions

Through the NLIPW Trademarks and Service Marks Search Database, our team conducts preliminary searches for similar or identical trademarks that have been filed in Nigeria. This is followed by comprehensive clearance searches, conducted at the Trademarks Registry to confirm that marks are available for registration. Each search report includes a legal opinion, as well as details of the search and a review of the marks found in the search.

Investigation, Monitoring, and Trademark Watch Service

Our team offers an IP watch service whereby we constantly review publications made in the Trademark Journals and send notification of any potential conflicting trademarks to clients.

Copyright Notification and Registration

The NLIPW team assist clients with depositing their works including scripts, films, photographs, books, song lyrics and other musical composition with the Nigerian Copyright Commission under the Copyright Notification Scheme.

NAFDAC Product Registration, Renewal and Legal Opinions

Our team of intellectual property professionals assist clients with the registration of medical devices, cosmetics, pesticides and other food and drug products with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).  We also assist with the renewal of previously approved products and provide legal opinions and answers to questions relating to NAFDAC registration.

Company Registration, Due Diligence and Domain Name Registration

NLIPW assists with the conduct of domain name availability searches, registration and renewals.  Our team of experts also offer advise to individuals or legal entities on the registration of proposed company and domain names and the conduct of due diligence activities.

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