A Quick Look at Some Drugs Banned by NAFDAC in Nigeria (Issue 2)

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Earlier this month, we looked at a few drugs banned by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) due to reported cases of adverse side effects and other health-related risks. Below are additional drugs that are currently excluded from the Nigerian market:

1. Nimesulide

Drug Name: Nimesulide

Brand/Trade Name: Nise, Nimulid

Effective November 8, 2007, NAFDAC announced a ban on fever and pain drug Nimesulide due to adverse side effects on the liver and resulting death. Nimesulide has been similarly banned in other countries including Spain, Turkey and Finland. Interestingly, Nimesulide was never permitted to be sold in some countries including Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States.

2. Cisapride

cisaprideDrug Name: Cisapride

Brand/Trade Name: Cisa, Syspride, Propulsid and Prepulsid

In Nigeria, Cisapride is currently banned from being sold in the market due to high risk of death and because the adverse effects of these drugs outweigh the benefits.

In the U.S., Cisapride was voluntarily withdrawn from the market on July 14, 2000, following an assessment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it was likely to cause serious cardiac arrhythmias. Sale of Cisapride has also been banned in India (2011), Germany (June, 2000), Brunei (September 2000), United Kingdom (July 2000) and Canada (August, 2000) while a number of restrictions on these drugs are imposed in countries like New Zealand and Columbia.

3. Phenylpropanolamine

phenylpropanolamineDrug Name: Phenylpropanolamine

Brand/Trade Names: PPA, Accutrim

On September 13, 2007, NAFDAC’s ban on cold remedies and nasal decongestants containing Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) became effective. NAFDAC urged companies to reformulate their products to exclude PPA.

The ban followed earlier notification from the FDA alerting that it was taking steps to remove PPA from all drug products and the FDA’s request to drug companies in the U.S. to discontinue marketing of products containing PPA.

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