Brand Protection in Egypt: New SMS Verification System for Food and Pharmaceuticals

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The Ministry of Supply and Ministry of Military Production in Egypt have funded a project in order to prevent consumers from being  exposed to counterfeit food and pharmaceuticals.

Just by sending an SMS, members of the public can quickly verify the authenticity of a consumer product. The use of SMS in authenticating products is not unusual and many countries around the world including Nigeria have adopted this method enabling consumers to quickly verify products and ensuring brand safety.

Speaking about the new system, the Minister of Supply, Khaled Hanafy, according to Daily New Egypt said the new system will protect both trademark owners and members of the public.

“The interactive system for brand protection aims to use the latest scientific methods in the internal trade development and the protection of the trademark owner to encourage them to continue producing their goods…”

Currently, companies can voluntarily register to be a part of this new verification system but the system may soon become compulsory.



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