July 28, 2021

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Trademark Services in Nigeria

Inventors: Get Your Patent in Nigeria

Protect your invention in Nigeria! Get Started and File a Patent Today!  Make payments for Nigerian-owned patents. Let NLIPW help you file your patent application in Nigeria — NLIPW can assist you with filing your […]

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Trademark Services in Nigeria

Protect Your Movie Script and Books Today

Let us help you protect your work. Get a quote today! Copyright registration greatly enhances your rights over your creative work! We can help you register your movie script, books, and songs today. Prices: Copyright […]

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Trademark Classes
Trademark Services in Nigeria

Search Registered Trademarks in Nigeria

Conducting a trademark search is important for businesses seeking to register trademarks in Nigeria because it allows them determine whether or not another business is already using a trademark that is identical or similar to […]

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Trademark Services in Nigeria

Renew Your Nigerian Trademark

Renew a Trademark in Nigeria! Get Started Now! Prices: In Nigeria, trademarks are valid for 7 years from the date of the initial application. Following the initial period of registration, Applicants may renew trademarks from time […]

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Editorial Spotlight

Right: Patent Infringement Issues In Nigeria by Edward Osike

by Guest Writer on Nigerian Law Intellectual Property Watch in Intellectual Property Editorial

Introduction An invention is not the same thing as a discovery. Indeed when Volts discovered the effect of an electric current from the battery on a frog’s leg, he made a great discovery, but not [...]

Intellectual Property Editorial

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